February 4

Plans for 2021


Have you heard the old adage, man makes plans and God laughs? He must have been in stitches last year and looking forward to a chuckle this year too.

Well luckily for me, nature always has her own agenda so it’ll be flowers galore again for Nodding Violets and anything else will just be a bonus!

I’ve started the year on a positive and decided to move all my various growing spaces to one central location, time, I thought, to expand a bit and a chance to get more organised in just one place. I love it up at “the flower field” so really looking forward to spending all my time up there this year, look out for lots of gorgeous flowery pictures, taken there, as the season unfolds.

I hoping our workshops will recommence asap and we plan to have a few more pop up shops at Gimbals Restaurant. I will be starting an online shop doing DIY cut flower garden kits and have a few more surprises in the pipeline.

Well, until my next update, keep safe and healthy and remember you can order using the contact form, via my Facebook page or Instagram page.

Bye for now!


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